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About is free dictionary online, which currently consists of about 39 different dictionaries containing altogether about 900 thousands words. Having ability of choosing languages, the program gives opportunity of about 900 dictionary combinations of translation. Interesting and extensive dictionaries are among others:
Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, English, Russian Tagalog, French, Czech, Irish Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese Slovak and many others…

The Dictionary is still being developer and, successively updated. New dictionaries are added. It is destined for home users (e.g. for scientific research). Programme was conceived by Naomisoft in collaboration with Mr Jerzy Kazojć. Home version of the programme is free.


Using the dictionary gives the user 100 % of certainty that a given word is properly translated. This is an open dictionary created by people and verified with the use of the computer methods. Producer does not bear any responsibility for potential damages caused by the translation involving the dictionary.
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